February 2, 2012

Exercise In Moral Reasoning

A. Preliminary Questions

After analyzing the gallup pole, the action that I decided to analyze was having a baby outside of marriage. This action is relevant in my life because one of the members of my family has done this, and so has caused various issues to arise within my family. This action cannot be said to be right or wrong because there are always two extremes when analyzing this. Some believe that this action is wrong because it may not be beneficial for the child to have parents who are not certain of their relationship. This may cause various problems for the child at a young age especially when growing up if the parents aren’t together. On the other hand, some believe that this may be right to a certain extent especially if the culture of the people involved is alright with it. Because of this the cultural background of a person will always affect choice of deciding whether it is right or wrong. In my opinion, I believe that this action is wrong, simply based on the action. However, despite the action being wrong, positive effects could stem from it. When my family found out about what had happened, we all thought that it was wrong. That a person should not have a baby especially since she is not married. Despite this, after the baby was born, we found ourselves becoming closer as a family and caring for her even more.

I believe that this action is wrong, however, at certain situations, this may not be bad nor sinful. An example of this is if the person was forced or coerced into it. A woman that might have been forced into having intercourse and ended getting pregnant is not at fault since she had no choice. As the Church states, it is sinful to commit abortion. Human life is very valuable and so even if a person is not married, having a baby cannot be said to be completely bad. It is better to save a life and decide to nurture it rather than to kill and destroy a child’s life before he or she has even gotten the chance to mature. Because of this notion, having a baby despite not being married then becomes the lesser sin or not a sin at all because the parent/s decided to go through with giving birth to the child instead of aborting the baby, which is a very heavy sin.

Based on my answer, I think that I am a rationalist because I do believe that there is right and wrong. Evaluating the person’s situation is important in determining whether it is bad or simple, but looking at the act alone, it is wrong for me. A rationalist takes time to analyze the different aspects of an issue and evaluate that there may be a better choice. I cannot say that the action is right nor neutral, and so I lean more towards it being wrong.


B. What If…?

Hey (insert friend’s name here)! I know that you are confused and wondering if the action is right or wrong. If you are unsure of your choice then you should remain cautious and assume that the action is wrong. The act of having sex may be pleasurable, however, if you get pregnant, there may be negative effects not only to you, but to those around such as your friends and family. You need to rethink why you want to experience having sex, which could get you pregnant before getting married. For my opinion, I believe that it is better for you to wait until you get married because right now, we are not certain what effects will happen if you do decide to go through with it. You may end up getting pregnant and having a hard time, which I do not want to see happening to you, and so I think it is better to be safe and avoid doing this.


January 16, 2012

Genetically Modified Food – Food Chem!

Genetically Modified Food is a hot topic nowadays due to various debates about whether it is beneficial or not. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong altering the food we consume today. Altering naturally occurring food may seem taboo and even weird for some people, but despite this, I still believe that in the long run, it will be more beneficial for society if GMFs were used and consumed. Genetically modified food is more economical nowadays especially since costs of products are continually rising. With GMFs food can be produced at lower rates and therefore become more affordable. Aside from being more economical, genetically modified foods are also more resistant towards pests and uncontrollable natural factors such as droughts. This allows areas all around the world to produce crops that would not have been able to be cultivated in these places without modifying them. Better quality foods have also been produced because of GMFs and so more nutrition and vitamins can be received by those who consume it. Although GMFs are still not widely accepted throughout the world, they are still relevant in today’s growing society. With populations rising and food production remaining constant, GMFs may the source of life for future generations.


January 15, 2012

Food Chem – Kropek

In the last Chemistry class, we cooked Kropek and see how different oils affect the taste of the cooked kropek. My group was assigned to make use of canola oil when cooking the kropek. At first, we had a hard time cooking it since we did not know when it was ready to be taken out of the oil. Once we got the hang of it, we started producing good batches of kropek. I thought that my group’s kropek tasted the best at the beginning because canola oil seemed to interfere the least in terms of flavor. Vigin coconut oil, butter, and vegetable oil really gave a distinct taste when used  in cooking kropek so I did not enjoy it as much. When I tasted the group that made use of corn oil, I believed that it was the best tasting one because corn oil seemed to mix well with the taste of kropek and did not leave a distinct after taste.

January 6, 2012

All About Food

Food is something that every human being needs. It is required by people to conduct everyday routines from studying in school to working in an office. Despite the obvious benefits of food to humans, there are still many problems that come with food itself. With the rise of the age of convenience and mass production, various new types of food products have been created to target all ages. These new products are often manufactured to appeal to the senses, however, some or if not most of these do not contain anything beneficial that we humans can use. Looking at this, food has become more complex as time passed by. Cooking has become an art and as the quality of food increases, so is the risk that the beneficial side will no longer be present. Without a proper diet, the health of a person may decrease gradually or even rapidly at that. Chemistry has always sought to find ways on improving life. By using this branch of science, we can understand more about what goes on inside of us especially when we eat food. By learning more about the reactions, proper diets can be formed and even healthier more beneficial food can be created to satisfy the everlasting hunger of man.

January 4, 2012


I think the main reason why people think these types of food are weird is because they consider it taboo. Taboo because their culture and more specifically themselves have never encountered or even thought about eating the different foods on the site. Food is something that gives nutrients to the body and is needed by every living thing on Earth. Despite people having opinions against certain types of food, I believe that anything that can be digested and nourishes the body is food. On the other hand, things that have an adverse affect, cannot be digested, or do not provide anything beneficial to the body whatsoever is not food.


Top 5 Weirdest Food:

  1. Insects
  2. Brain
  3. Eyeballs
  4. Reptiles (Lizards, Snakes)
  5. Horseshoe Crab
December 12, 2011

VC Reflection

At first I was very timid about the video conference because I was not very keen on interacting with people from another country, whom I would only be speaking with through the internet. I did not know what to expect but, everything that happened actually surpassed all my pre-drawn notions about what would happen.

What went wrong…

There were moments during the video conference, where in we could not understand what the students from the other school were saying, and so we had to ask them to repeat what they were saying or asking not only once but even twice or more. This made me think that they might wonder if we are actually paying attention or not.

When something amusing happened, we laughed and I thought that this would make our partners from the other school feel insecure since they might think we were laughing about them, when in truth it was something not really related to the video conference.

During the start of the video conference, we were still not used to the whole set-up and so a lot of blocking issues when moving in front to speak occurred which delayed the video conference a little.

Even better if…

For me, the video conference was a success, however, it would have been more comprehensive if we gave more time to St. Joseph’s to ask questions. It seemed like their was an imbalance due to Xavier seemingly asking more.

Another point to improve the video conference would be improving the set up since we had to move a lot during the video conference to ask and answer questions.

The final point of improvement would be to have more microphones or having a mobile microphone to avoid moving around during the video conference. This would minimize the effect of people standing up and disappearing from the view of the camera in order to line up and speak.


I never expected the students from Lebanon to be very similar to us. They were Christians and because we had the video conference during December, our conversation mostly revolved on the holiday spirit and how we showed these in our communities. To my amazement, we, from the Philippines, and they, from Lebanon, had the same concerns about friend and family. Our school activities were almost the same in the sense that both Xavier and St. Joseph’s had outreach activities with communities around the school and retreats that would develop the character of the students.

The strongest point that I saw about the similarities between our schools were our mottos:”Let your light shine” and “Shine On” These mottos show that a person must be the light to guide others. This light could be expressed through one’s individual strengths and capabilities. These mottos directly relate to the video conference mainly because we were able to let out light shine and shine on by breaking the stereotypes we had of one another. Creating a bridge with one another proves that no matter how far apart nations may be, no matter how different culture may seem, simple and common traits among people will truly bring out the light within others.

November 16, 2011

Chem Poster

Alcohol Poster

November 10, 2011

CLE matters

The three mos relevant lessons that I encountered during the first semester were the lessons on epistomological world view, social justice and awareness, and treating the bible as literature. From these lessons I was able to develop two important skills, being more aware of the implications of my words and actions through analysis, and focusing what my perception on the world is today. The most significant insight I gained from the past semester was from the lesson on social justice; all men are created equal, however, they are not born as equal individuals in society, and so the differences in class lead to the deterioration of our world.

November 9, 2011

5 Painful Moments

8 – Getting hit in eye socket with a softball

7 – Spraining three fingers at the same time

6 – Getting punched in the face

5 – Bending my forearm bone

4 – Getting of my foot cut by a broken tile

October 2, 2011

Social Justice

Social justice is not something that can be achieved by one person, one family, or one community, no matter how each individual and group tries to do so. It is something that requires the mind-set of the whole country and in a bigger scale, the world. However, in the world we live in today, the idea of social justice drifts further and further away with everyday that passes by. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” this saying has been going around and people say that this is the cause for the injustice in our world, and specifically, in our country. The situation our country is in right now is grim, and the daily lives of each person differs from one another, who is to blame for situation they are in now, the government, the church, themselves? I for one believe that we cannot put the blame solely on one person or institution, rather the blames lies on what we think, do, and say as a whole.